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Tue, 27 Jun 2017

UVC Aseptic Transfer Revealed in New York

Ezi-Dock Systems innovation partners Crystal IS have used the MD&M East exhibition in New York to profile our current collaboration on aseptic transfer.

The MD&M East expo is a major event on the USA’s Medical and Pharma industry calendar, focussing on new materials, intelligent sensors, testing solutions, components, packaging, and anything else in the medtech arena. This year’s event featured more than 900 exhibitors.

Ezi-Dock and Crystal IS used their presence at the show to publicise the ground-breaking Aseptic Transfer system which the two companies are developing and which has already received an eager welcome from the pharma industry.

“Peroxide vapour-based aseptic product transfer systems have always been time-consuming and over complex, requiring the provision of several services at the point of transfer,” said Ezi-Dock’s Steve McAleavy.

“Our approach to the transfer of APIs has always been to reduce complexity and cost, and our single or batch-use CSV system is now used all around the world. Aided by Crystal IS’s extensive background in UV technology, we have been able to adapt our existing, well-proven transfer system to deliver aseptic transfer using UV light rather than peroxide vapour.

“The result is a game-changer for this particular process. Essentially, we will give the industry a remarkable ‘plug and play’ solution that provides a massive upgrade in performance whilst using less time and fewer resources at significantly lower cost. Indeed, if you have access to an electric socket, the Ezi-Dock UVC system can be deployed immediately!”